Midweek Prayer & Meditation 10/6/21

"But you need to remain well established and rooted in faith and not shift away from the hope given in the good news that you heard.

-Colossians 1:22-23

Are you aware of the way the Aspens in Colorado are all rooted to each other underground? They are literally all connected, holding on to on another and helping one another to sustain life because of their incredible root system.

What difference might there be if human beings were as rooted to one another as the Aspens? What if we were then that deeply rooted to our faith in God?

Some roots run so deep you can hardly dig them out with heavy machinery. Some pull out without any effort at all. It can be a matter of being rooted in the right kind of soil. If you're rooted in the soil of faith, held in place by the community you experience with other believers, then it will be much more difficult for the Adversary to pull you away.

It's your day today to get back to your roots and let the Gardener take care of you."