Midweek Prayer & Meditation 9/15/21

Today's guided meditation is taken from a prayer by theologian and Civil Rights organizer Howard Thurman called "We Lay Bare all that We Are:"

Our Father, we turn to Thee in the quietness of this meditation period. It is but natural that we expose to Thee the things in us that seem most worthy and good... Teach us to know that Thy love is so whole and so healing that nothing less than all of us can rise to meet Thine all-encompassing care. Teach us to share with Thee the good and the bad in us, the ugly and the beautiful...the success and the failure...

With penitence for fumblings, failures, [and] ignorances...; with thanksgiving for...successes, knowledge, and rightness, we lay bare all that we are to Thy love and Thy understanding, O God.