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Weekly Bulletin, June 5, 2022

The worship series "Unraveled: Seeking God When Our Plans Fall Apart"

continues this week with the story of the transformation of Saul to Paul from Acts 9:1-20. We are also celebrating Pentecost Sunday!


In This Bulletin:


In this image, a halo hovers around the hand of Ananias, nodding to the sacred courage required to melt the hatred of his oppressor with intimacy and connection. Scales pour out of Saul’s eyes, purging him, cleansing him, igniting him with a new and particular mission: to pour out God’s grace wherever humans try to limit it.
Restored, by Lisle Gwynn Garrity

Worship on Pentecost Sunday

Scripture: Acts 9: 1-20

Sermon: "A Path Unraveled"

This painting is based on the story of Saul's new calling and transformation into the apostle Paul. This Sunday we will explore how we find ourselves on new and better paths. Who influences us to make those changes and who guides us along the way?
I hope to see you in person (at Purdys UMC) or on Zoom for worship this Sunday at 10:30.


Upcoming & Ongoing Events

This Week

•Prayer Circle is every Wednesday from 12-1, offered on Zoom and in the Katonah sanctuary.

•Bible Study is every Friday from 12-1 on Zoom. We're studying the
Acts of Paul and Thecla, comparing and contrasting it with the gospels
and with the letters of Paul in the New Testament.

•This week's Sunday School lesson, "Pentecost," will be taught by Lori Corradino and Kathleen Soto.

Save the Date

Come get your car washed and support Appalachia Service Project (ASP) on Saturday, June 11, and Saturday, June 18, between 9 and 3 on the Edgemont Road side of the Katonah church.

•ASP Sunday is June 19. June 19 is also Dads & Grads Sunday!


Giving & Service

Hygiene Kits for UMCOR

We will assemble Hygiene Kits for UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) on Sunday, June 12 after worship. Hygiene Kits contain basic hygiene supplies (such as soap, washcloths, toothbrushes, etc.) which are distributed to people in need, particularly after natural disasters. Thank you to Kaylie Grieger and Michelle Dillmann for procuring the items that will go into the kits! Donations toward the cost of the kits are welcome and may be made payable to either Katonah UMC or Purdys UMC.


Table of Grace

The mission of Table of Grace is to offer nourishment to anyone who is hungry physically or spiritually, or both. If you can help any Saturday to prepare and/or distribute bag lunches (using supplies that are provided by the Hudson Valley Food Bank or using your own supplies), contact Bonnie Hyatt at As of this Saturday, June 4, we are serving bag lunches on the sidewalk again until the winter months.


Help for Ukraine

Rev. John Calhoun, an elder in the New York Annual Conference and former missionary to Ukraine, has shared that United Methodists are on the ground responding to this human-caused disaster and caring for the Ukrainian refugees who are fleeing. Through The Advance, the donation platform of the UMC Board of Global Ministries, there are two ways that you can give in support of these efforts:

1. Advance #14053A: Eurasia In Mission Together -- Ukraine and Moldova. Donations to this Advance account will be quickly transferred to the bank account of the UMC of Ukraine, which has a system in place to receive these donations, put them to immediate use, and provide reporting on the usage of these funds. To donate, make your check payable to either Katonah or Purdys UMC, and mark Advance #14053A in the memo line, or go to: Eurasia in Mission Together.

2. Advance #982450: UMCOR International Disaster Response. Donations to this Advance account will be directed to UMCOR, which is already partnering with agencies on the ground in Eastern and Central Europe to assist those displaced by the fighting. Donations to this account should be designated "for Ukraine." To donate, make your check payable to either Katonah or Purdys UMC, and mark Advance #982450 in the memo line, or go to: UMCOR International Disaster Response.


Love & Support

June Birthdays

Susanne Carminucci 6/4

Tim Cunningham 6/7

Ali LeGuillou 6/9

Brent Golisano 6/11

Ben Golisano 6/12

Emily Procopis 6/13

Alex Elconin 6/18

Bodo Fischer 6/21

Kirk Beaty 6/23

Amy Golisano 6/24

Kaitlyn Hardy 6/25

Ruth Greenslade 6/25


Prayers of the Church Family

For Young People In Need of Help and Healing:

Aiden, Danny, Ellie, Emily, Olivia, Tucker, Lucas Chapman, Sara Reino, Aryanna Smith, Stefan Spall, Jakob Wenis

For Those In Need of Help and Healing:

Filomena, Wendy Archer, Justine Burzesi, Tee Cotter, Sheila de Roode, Alice Elliott, Richard G., Kathy Gallagher, Carl Gioio & family, Yvonne Knudsen, Bob M., Laure Milliot, The Murphy Family, Louis Pugh, Joe Seroka, Marja-Liisa Smith, Nicole Wilson, victims of violence everywhere

For Those Fighting Cancer:

Charlie, Diane, Leah, Doreen Bistany, Tom Conroy, Benny Custodio, Christine Dacey, Lois Demaio, Peter DiBart, Karen Eiler, Paul Harris, Janice Hollander, April Midin, Petie Nylund, Stephen Rannekleiv, Janet Schuman, Jason Silverman

For Those Grieving:

Loved ones of Christine Camarra, Inez Campbell, Ruby Chapman, David Gambardella, Ernie Greenslade, Cindy Mathewson, George Milliot, Phil Maliniak

Those Homebound, In Nursing Homes and Care Facilities:

Mary Ann Albanese, Irene Burns, Bodo Fischer, Harriet Harris, Ken & Rosemary Ingersoll, Pastor Jin Kim, Lois Mold, Eleanor Murphy, Matty Oschwald, Ronald Schultzel, Mike Wenis



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