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God and Pronouns

by guest blogger Michael Albanese

It seems to me that assigning gender to God is pointless. God lives outside of space and time, a place beyond our understanding. Christ became human and in the context of when and where he came to be it made sense (I guess) to be male, but in the larger sense, God is neither male nor female.

So if God is subject to our pronouns only so that we can understand and relate to Him/Her couldn't we consider God to be non-binary?

In the evolution of our relationship to God, and how (s)he shows Love to all His/Her children, this is a time when God needs to be understood as MORE than pronouns. Love is not a pronoun, we all bathe in the warm light of God's love, regardless.

What a gift that our entire human family can find something in God that reflects their humanity, and as a result their divinity. Just as I don't think God cares if I am a Baptist or a Methodist, He/She doesn't care about my gender choices. Just that I be authentic in who I am, live in Faith, and honor the commandments to love one another and to love God.


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